fragments IX


there’s nobody like me

how could you like me?

what’s not to like?

take the time to know me

so only love you’ll show me

unless you truly hate me

and that’s something i can’t change


alize, hennessy (2005)

alize, hennessey

jack daniels tennesse


now its makers mark

and insense to spark

fill the air with

the cloudy aroma

the scent

not heaven sent

since made by a man

but the bible says GOD created as much

so the insense must have his touch

like his breath

blown across

the room

to relive stress

and thoughts of impending doom

The way she moved (2017)

The way she moved

Was as fluid 

As the bass line


“Papa was a rolling stone”

The slight jiggle

As she walked




Into a trance

She had become

The Pied Piper

Her body

Playing the tune

And I’m hopelessly 




Just a black man in Soledad (2017)

With weathered hands

Pained lips

And deep set eyes

He’s just a black man in Soledad

A twisted back

Suffering constantly 

He’s crippled

And just a black man in Soledad

Within the depths of loneliness 

Set away from the rest

Wanting companionship 


He’s just a black man in Soledad

“You keep your place, then, Nigger”

She shouted in anger

Reminding him

That he’s only

Just a black man in Soledad