statement one (2005)


rose (red)

rose (white)

right arm

love chain


space lady


kid beach

cricket glass

bear with flowers

2 heart tattoo



hand/D chain


human heart

broken cd

holding hands



thorn heart


Memorial Day 

On this Memorial Day, I remember going to the traveling Vietnam War Memorial at Forbes Field with my wife’s grandfather. We were able to find members of his unit and he told me very vivid stories about each of those men and their sacrifice. I’m not a fan of governments sending young people to die in seemingly self serving conflicts, but I do respect and salute all who gave their lives in service

Happy Malcolm X Day!

Happy 92nd birthday to Malcolm X! Most pictures of Malcolm are either stoic or angry so I wanted to draw a picture of him happy and smiling. Reading his autobiography as teen was extremely life changing and I truly believe Malcolm is one of the most underrated heroes of our country

bracelets (2005)

start off with bracelets

of plastic and letters

and dates

then onto bracelets

made of yarn and strings

multi colored

symbolizing what a

friendship means

then the pursuit for

bracelets made from

precious metals

but the cost must have

been too high

instead of platinum and gold

bracelets with letters


free silver bracelets

are received

courtesy of law enforcement