a splash of water (2005)

a splash of water

will erase the ink

from the skin

left only with the memory

and faded letters to remember with


Composition Book Chronicles Presents “RIP Prodigy”

I learned earlier this afternoon that Prodigy of the hip hop group Mobb Deep had passed away at the age of 42. The group’s second album, The Infamous, is a favorite of mine and a hip hop classic. That album is also home to one of my all time favorite songs, Shook Ones Part II. That beat is so sinister and incredibly well put together. Rest In Peace Prodigy 

Composition Book Chronicles Presents “RIP Philando Castile”

After hearing yesterday that the police officer who shot and killed Philando Castile was acquitted on all charges, I wanted to make a Composition Book Chronicles about the continued issues of injustice in America. But I couldn’t. I was completely at a lost for words. I didn’t know and had never met Mr Castile but being a black man in this country I fully understand that I could be in his shoes just the same. My heart goes out to his family, friends, loved ones. By all accounts, Mr Castile was a nice man and loved by the children he worked with even though there were attempts to defame him and his reputation as soon as he was murdered. We must remember Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, and all the others who met their untimely end and were denied the justice they rightfully deserved

death is a slave’s only freedom (2005)

death is a slave’s only freedom

not running away

in fear for your life

and the lives of those closest 2 u

not with bargaining

the exchange of money

in order 2 b set free

2 b free from one

yet in debt 2 another

no freedom at all

dr king

free at last, free at last

then freedom came 2 him

but his freedom came

unwanted in the form of an

assassin’s bullet

and not willingly from

the hands of time

Composition Book Chronicles Presents “June 9th”

June 9th is the beginning of a string of important days in my history. I can still remember the anticipation as we drove to the hospital to get checked in and all the twists and turns that followed the next couple days in 2013. I can also remember how I started driver’s ed on this day in 1997. Both days were filled with the fear and happiness of uncertainties and no longer of what was just around the corner

the phoenix arose (2005)

the phoenix arose

soaring majestically

bleaching the blue

out of the sky

leaving hues of red

orange and yellow

in its stead

the flight continues

the sky luminous

until the bird finds the truth

the truth chokes him

the pain causes tears to fall

from his eyes

creating small fires below

from soaring to careening

no longer majestic

but like a stone

thrown by a child

skipping across the sky

only to sink

and slump 2 to the earth below

the flames continue

though not adding 2 the legend

but slow roasting the bird

into the ashes of which it came