choices (2005)


i didnt chose to be here

i didnt choose my name

i didnt choose my birthdate

or my family just the same

didnt choose the hand i was dealt

didnt have the chance of seeing what the dealer’s holding

dont seem to have much choice left

still have the chance of folding

and it’d be my choice to make

i didnt choose to meet you

we were both just in the same place

i did choose to get to know you

in part because of your face

i did chose to love you

though it was the wrong choice to make

it was a choice to give a lot to you

and it was your choice to only take


it is said opposites attract (2005)

it is said opposites attract

she is everything

i am nothing

she is the top of the mountain

i am the depths of the sea

she brightens a room with her appearance

i attempt to solely blend into the crowd

she is the life of the party

i am solitude

she can move on as i l never existed

i struggle when i cant hear her voice

she thinks her worst is good enough for me

while my best is not good enough for her

it is said opposites attract

she is everything

i am nothing

how opposite is that

the answer’s not at the bottom of the bottle (2005)


the answer’s not at the bottom of the bottle

nor the bottom of the blue solo cup

nor in the gallons of cognac

or vodka

or lemonade

or other juices that splash down your throat

in an effort to change your mindstate

from loneliness and despair

to one of optimism

and hope


the reason for religion

but my religion comes in glass bottles

of various shapes and sizes





though in the end

its all rather expensive

and could have been used better

than momentary pleasure