Inktober 2017 Days One through Four


Shelf of sketchbooks

img_6886Doing a little organizing around my house and tried to get a lot of my sketchbooks and journals together.  I thought this shelf would hold them for the most part but this was only about a quarter of my books!

Inktober 2016

In October I decided to try Jake Parker’s Inktober challenge where you are given a month of prompts to help you draw and ink a picture every day.  I didn’t eventually complete the entire challenge but I did finish more than twenty of them!  Below are a few examples of some of the work and next year I hope to complete even more.  I think what I enjoyed the most was being able to include my characters like Ollie, The Awesome Kid, Composition Book Chronicles, and Newton the Bear.


Homer Simpson Sketchbook


I’ve been sitting on this Homer Simpson sketchbook for a couple years now, waiting for the perfect time and subject to use it.  I decided to put it in use with this year’s Inktober challenge.  As I attempted the challenge for the first time, I also began to use the sketchbook to restart a project I first worked on several years ago, the Blue Ladies.  A few Composition Book Chronicles have also found a home in it as well