it is said opposites attract (2005)

it is said opposites attract

she is everything

i am nothing

she is the top of the mountain

i am the depths of the sea

she brightens a room with her appearance

i attempt to solely blend into the crowd

she is the life of the party

i am solitude

she can move on as i l never existed

i struggle when i cant hear her voice

she thinks her worst is good enough for me

while my best is not good enough for her

it is said opposites attract

she is everything

i am nothing

how opposite is that


one moment in time (2005)

one moment in time

from just getting to know each other

to becoming fast friends

then lovers

only took

one moment in time

from lovers

to friends

to hardly knowing each other at all

only took

one moment in time

bracelets (2005)

start off with bracelets

of plastic and letters

and dates

then onto bracelets

made of yarn and strings

multi colored

symbolizing what a

friendship means

then the pursuit for

bracelets made from

precious metals

but the cost must have

been too high

instead of platinum and gold

bracelets with letters


free silver bracelets

are received

courtesy of law enforcement

to be an artist (2005)

to be an artist

must you suffer

and if so

have i?

though involved

in death and loss

heartaches and


not great

art comes


no paintings,

sculptures, drawings

or sketches

stories, novels,



since i have

suffered, or at

least think i have

maybe im not

an artist

then what am i?

no label to label

or title as such