Untitled (cheez it) (2017)

The cheez it’s

Package says


As their flavor is so explosive

Hopefully enough

To awaken my senses

When the afternoon slowly marches on



Non Linear Function (2017)

My creativity

Is a

Non Linear


Moving from


To idea


Dizzy heights

And profound lows









The next

But all


A gift

And a curse

But yet and still

It’s my burden



Be it

That bear

Is a grizzy


Found poetry (2017)

Snow spring

Marble words

Falling stars and eagles

Ruined feathers

Nectar thoughts

Slick and sleek

Like a disappearing snake

Stray shafts on sunlight

Keep life from spilling

Drowned in rain

Solid tree trunks

Melting flakes of snow

Bottomless bed

“she said her name is Raven” (2017)

She said her name is raven

After she twirled on the pole

Stopping to give a me hug

And allow the dollar to be

Inserted in her g string

She said her name is raven

As she sat next to me

Taking a shot of alcohol

And rubbing my inner thigh

She said her name is raven

As she explained the tattoos across her canvas

The skull and roses on her arms

The outstretched owl beneath her breasts

She said her name is raven

As she removed her top and shoes

And sat atop my lap

Whispering in my ear

She said her name is raven

As she allowed my hands to explore

While she moved her body against mine

In time to the music

She said her name is raven

As the song came to an end

But my pockets are now empty

And our time is now done

a letter to you (2004)

a letter to you

since i left you

you’ve been all that I’ve seen

the clouds in the sky shape your face

the sun as bright as your smile

the wind whispers your voice to

allowing for hope all the while

everything seems to have your touch

no matter what i do

for every reminder of you i see

i’ve seen everything else but you