Life After Death 21th Anniversary

Happy 21st Anniversary to the Notorious B.I.G.’s Life After Death album. I can still remember playing “Hypnotize” on repeat for what felt like months. What made this album so great to me is that Biggie could essentially touch and every style of hip hop and master it! I’ve always wondered how his sound would have evolved if he hadn’t been murdered. This album has contains my favorite Biggie song, “Sky’s The Limit”. An amazing album that feels like i hear something new every time I hear it


It’s almost GAMETIME!!!

My Jayhawks in the Elite 8, playing against the Duke Blue Devils this afternoon. I truly hope they beat the breaks off Duke. I’ve never liked Duke and especially didn’t like Christian Laettner growing up but I REALLY cant stand Grayson Allen. He is the most overrated, dirtiest player out there. The Jayhawks road to the championship continues this afternoon, ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!

Wolverine sketch

Wolverine was my favorite comic book character as a kid and I consumed everything X-Men related. I used to dream I would be the next Jim Lee or Marc Silvestri! I haven’t drawn him in many many years so I decided to give it a shot while drawing with my daughter this morning

This Can’t Be Life – Terror in Texas

I wanted to create a comic about the terrorism in Austin, but I truly can’t find the words and thoughts. It is completely unthinkable that is it becoming a daily occurrence that bombs are mailed and set off to destroy whoever opens them. I have my own thoughts as to why the carnage in Austin hasn’t been elevated to the same urgency as the bombing in Boston, but this isn’t the time. I loved the time I’ve spent in that beautiful city and it’s citizens deserve justice and should be able to safely enjoy their day to day lives